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Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo & Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling.

  • PG_CustomBarrierFree_Champagne_12x12Stone_TeakSeat_BN_Gray17.jpg
  • QT_BarrierFree_Tahiti_12x12Stone_Bench_Window_ORB_Cream06.jpg
  • SB_ReplacementShower_CR_4x4_TeakSeat_ORB_Vazia_20.jpg
  • QT_BarrierFree_Tahiti_12x12Stone_Bench_Window_ORB_Cream05.jpg
  • tub-to-shower-circle.jpg
  • AW_Straight_Seaside_Subway_Window_BN_White15.jpg
  • AW_JZ 19ΓÇ¥ Jetted_CT_Stone_Prairie_BN_Vazia_Model1.jpg
  • AW_JZ 19ΓÇ¥ Jetted_CT_Stone_Prairie_BN_Vazia_22.jpg
  • AW_EasyStep_MarbleCove_Smooth_Prairie_BN_Gray12.jpg
  • AW_JZ 19ΓÇ¥ Jetted_CT_Stone_Prairie_BN_Vazia_5.jpg
  • AW_BuiltInSeated_CopperRidge_4x4_CH_Beige04.jpg
  • SB_ReplacementShower_SM_Smooth_Prairie_CH_Riempi_7.jpg
  • SB_Bentley_CastleRock_12x12Stone_Prairie_ORB_Cream06.jpg
  • PG_CustomBarrierFree_Champagne_12x12Stone_TeakSeat_BN_Gray09.jpg
  • AW_Straight_Seaside_Subway_Window_BN_White12.jpg

Exclusive Luxury Colors

All colors are available in any texture!

Standard Colors

All colors are available in any texture!

Beautiful Textures

All textures are available in any color!

Best Bathroom Remodeler in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver & Fort Collins.


Exclusive Silver Shield helps prevent mold and mildew.

Bathwraps contain exclusive silver-ion technology called Silver Shield that resists microorganism growth, which makes them extremely easy to clean and low maintenance. Bathwraps are made of exceptional, ultra-durable materials that retain heat 30% longer than other bath materials and make your “wet area” waterproof

Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Bath Remodeling Made Effortless!

  • SB_Bentley_CastleRock_12x12Stone_Prairie_ORB_Cream03.jpg
  • SB_Bentley_CastleRock_12x12Stone_Prairie_ORB_Cream06.jpg
  • QT_BarrierFree_Tahiti_12x12Stone_Bench_Window_ORB_Cream_Model25.jpg
  • QT_BarrierFree_Tahiti_12x12Stone_Bench_Window_ORB_Cream_Model22.jpg
  • QT_BarrierFree_Tahiti_12x12Stone_Bench_Window_ORB_Cream13.jpg
  • SB_Bentley_CastleRock_12x12Stone_Prairie_ORB_Cream_Model09.jpg
  • SB_Bentley_CastleRock_12x12Stone_Prairie_ORB_Cream_Model13.jpg
  • SB_EasyStep_Sandstorm_12x12Stone_Bench_BN_Blue_Model15.jpg
  • SB_EasyStep_Sandstorm_12x12Stone_Bench_BN_Blue_Model04.jpg
  • SB_EasyStep_Sandstorm_12x12Stone_Bench_BN_Blue09.jpg
  • SB_EasyStep_Sandstorm_12x12Stone_Bench_BN_Blue01.jpg
  • QT_BarrierFree_Tahiti_12x12Stone_Bench_Window_ORB_Cream07.jpg
  • PG_CustomBarrierFree_Champagne_12x12Stone_TeakSeat_BN_Gray22.jpg
  • AW_EasyStep_MarbleCove_Smooth_Prairie_BN_Gray_Model24.jpg
  • AW_EasyStep_MarbleCove_Smooth_Prairie_BN_Gray_Model17.jpg
  • AW_EasyStep_MarbleCove_Smooth_Prairie_BN_Gray12.jpg
  • AW_BuiltInSeated_CopperRidge_4x4_CH_Beige09.jpg
  • AW_Straight_Seaside_Subway_Window_BN_White02.jpg
  • AW_Straight_Seaside_Subway_Window_BN_White09.jpg
  • PG_CustomBarrierFree_Champagne_12x12Stone_TeakSeat_BN_Gray17.jpg
  • PG_CustomBarrierFree_Champagne_12x12Stone_TeakSeat_BN_Gray16.jpg
  • PG_CustomBarrierFree_Champagne_12x12Stone_TeakSeat_BN_Gray09.jpg
  • AW_Straight_Seaside_Subway_Window_BN_White12.jpg
  • AW_BuiltInSeated_CopperRidge_4x4_CH_Beige04.jpg

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If you’re looking to upgrade your Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs or Pueblo bathroom within one day and at a fraction of the cost of a full bathroom remodel, look no further than Colorado Living. We offer the strongest warranties, best financing, and a cost friendly approach that ensures you get your bathroom remodeling project done at an investment that’s comfortable for you. Contact us to schedule a no-cost, no-pressure consultation. We would be honored to provide you with a quote and have the opportunity to earn your business.

Beautiful Designs. Functional Styles.
Choose from hundreds of beautiful, rich colors and style options. We also offer dozens of accessories—soap dishes, corner caddies, seats, shelves, grab bars, foot pedestals, and more—to match your needs perfectly.

Our Services:


Tub to Shower Conversion

One Day Bath

Denver, Colorado Springs & Fort Collins Want To Give Your Bathroom A Fresh Facelift?  Our Bathwraps by Jacuzzi® Are The Perfect Solution.

AW_JZ 19ΓÇ¥ Jetted_CT_Stone_Prairie_BN_Vazia_Model8.jpg

Jetted Bathtubs

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs

If bathing in a standard bathtub has become a difficult process for you or a loved one, then a Jacuzzi® Walk-In Tub is the perfect upgrade.


Tub Replacement

See Our Videos

Colorado Living is the leader in Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins in walk-in tub and one day tub to shower conversions. See how we do it.


Shauna Curtis
"I called Colorado Living because we needed to replace a 30 year old shower stall. I was a little worried that this would feel like a high pressure sales pitch but that was not the case. Andy Chodera was very knowledgeable about the Colorado Living products and he did a thorough job explaining the entire process. I ended up replacing not only my shower stall but the tub in my daughter's bathroom. I love my home and now I won't worry about water damage due to problems in our current bathrooms."

1 Day Bath Systems! Tub To Shower Conversions Denver, Colorado Springs and Castle Rock.

Our  bathroom-installation crew can install your Bathwrap system within one day. We work hard to ensure your new bathroom is beautiful for years to come.

Choose from hundreds of beautiful rich colors and style options. We also offer dozens of accessories—soap dishes, corner caddies, seats, shelves, grab bars, foot pedestals, and more—to match your needs perfectly.

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